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How Retailers Can Outdo Showrooming with In-Store Wi-Fi: My Latest Research for GigaOm Pro

Showrooming. Everybody’s heard of it by now—conniving shoppers checking out a product in a retail store, then buying it online later for less. Best Buy’s 2012 stock price tumble was largely blamed on showrooming, while other retailers including Target, ToysRUs and PetSmart also felt showrooming’s effect on their bottom lines. But this emphasis on showrooming is misplaced, in my view, and I’m not alone.


Time to Pick Your Holiday Shopping Apps!

With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to get your shopping ducks in a row. Mobile shopping applications offer more deals and features than ever.: can add items to a shopping list by scanning their bar code, be alerted to nearby deals, and receive recommendations for items you might be interested in purchasing based on your preferences or items already in the shopping cart.