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Not Your Father’s Platform: M2M/IoT Platforms Evolve — Connected World Magazine, January 2015

2015 stands to be a great year for all of us — I hope — and this outcome seems certain for the developers of several hot new platforms for M2M and the Internet of Things. The four new-school platforms I review in my January/February 2015 column in Connected World Magazine which blur the bright line I drew in my column between device management and application enablement platforms.


Make Your Platform Hold Up: Laurie Lamberth Interviewed in M2M Magazine, September 2009

M2M Magazine called on Laurie Lamberth’s expertise in the device management platform segment of the mobile industry, with an interview included in their September/October 2009 article “Make Your Platform Hold Up.” Drawing on her seven years’ experience in connected device management and management platforms, Lamberth discusses why device management platforms are critical to a mass market play, and how to go about selecting one.