Wireless Tech Growing in Greenhouse – Connected World Column, Aug/Sept 2014

Even on the hottest day of summer, a greenhouse can offer a restful, cool respite. Hobby greenhouses are generally a labor of love, the “labor” made more intense by the lack of consumer-grade “smart” greenhouse controllers. Commercial greenhouses have long used sensor networking to automate environmental control and improve watering efficiency. But similar tools have not available to hobby growers…. until now.


Metawatch Update: Meet the Strata

Metawatch’s new Strata — their first consumer product — is a handsome smart watch that brings notifications from your smartphone to your wrist, letting you decide at a glance whether to pull your phone out of your pocket to answer a call or respond to a text… or whether that can wait until later. Strata steps out in front of Metawatch’s first model with water resistance, fitness apps, and compatibility with both Android and iOs smartphones.


Driving Vacation this Summer? Consider the 2011 Edge – Guest appearance on Connected World blog

For a family driving vacation this summer — if you’re planning to defy rising gas prices — head over to Connected World Magazine for my review of the go-to car for family vacations this summer: the 2011 Ford Edge. I had the chance to drive the Edge for two weeks last winter, and found it to be packed full of driver- and family-friendly features, such as the ability to connect multiple music players via Bluetooth to the car’s entertainment system and select routes based on fuel efficiency.