Whaddya Want to Know? M2M & IoT FAQs — Connected World Magazine, December 2014

I get asked about M2M and the Internet of Things (IoT) all the time. Sometimes on the record as an Associate Partner with strategic consultancy 151 Advisors, other times as a Council Member for expert network Gerson Lehrman Group. While the questions I get asked range all over the map, several are quite common — and these form the basis for my December, 2012 Connected World Magazine column “M2M and Internet of Things FAQs.”


Wireless Tech Growing in Greenhouse – Connected World Column, Aug/Sept 2014

Even on the hottest day of summer, a greenhouse can offer a restful, cool respite. Hobby greenhouses are generally a labor of love, the “labor” made more intense by the lack of consumer-grade “smart” greenhouse controllers. Commercial greenhouses have long used sensor networking to automate environmental control and improve watering efficiency. But similar tools have not available to hobby growers…. until now.


Imagining the Internet of Things in the Enterprise – Connected World Column June/July 2014

When a friend recently asked for my perspective on the Internet of Things in the enterprise, I started to drone on with my usual answer about M2M, the Industrial Internet and the smart grid… but that’s when I realized some fresh thinking was needed. How does the new crop of consumer-oriented connected devices such as connected cars, smart watches, heads-up displays and fitness bands intersect with corporate information strategy? How can organizations use these new tools to improve customer service and employee productivity?