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3 Best Practices for Securing IoT Endpoints – Mobile Enterprise Security Series Part 2 – March 2015

IoT, M2M, Mobile Enterprise Magazine, securityIn our continuing series on securing the Internet of Things, 151 Advisors’ Partner Steve Brumer and I explore best practices for securing the devices, sensor networks and objects that make up the endpoints of the IoT.  Hacking of IoT endpoints is not some sort of hypothetical risk, coming at us in the future:  it’s already real.

All you have to do is take a look at the Shodan database, which searches for and catalogs insecure devices across the Internet.  Shodan doesn’t just list home video cameras — the database frighteningly includes medical devices, “smart”buildings and even power plant equipment.

This article lays out three best practices for securing Internet of Things endpoints.  Click here to read it on the Mobile Enterprise website.

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