Teaching Women Who Code How to Connect the Internet of Things – February 4, 2015

WWC_logo_vectorConnected World Magazine, data visualization, device management, glo-cap, location-based services, Internet of Things, IoT, mahine-to-machine, M2M, platforms, machineshop.io, Xively, Kii, ThingWorx, Mark Weiser“Not Your Father’s Platform – How to Connect the Internet of Things” was the subject of a joint presentation Laurie Lamberth and Allison Jones, Software Engineer for machineshop.io, gave to the Denver/Boulder chapter of Women Who Code (WWC) on February 3, 2015.  WWC is a non-profit organization hosts technical study groups, demos, hackathons and speakers, all designed to empower members with the skills needed to advance in the highly competitive software development industry.

Laurie led off with a presentation based on her February/March column in Connected World Magazine titled “Not Your Father’s Platform.”  She began with background information on the Internet of Things: what types of “things” are connected over what types of networks to what types of backend systems.  She also provided an overview of the expected size and growth rate of the market, then dug into the “new school” platforms coming to market that blur the previous bright line between device management and application platforms.  Laurie concluded by briefly profiling four new-school platforms for the IoT:  machineshop.io, Xively, Kii and Thingworx.

MachineShop’s Alison Jones came on next to demonstrate the machineshop.io platform.  Her demo showed how a data report from a device triggered a rule which, in turn, sent an SMS to her phone.  She also developed a simple mapping application in real time that tracked the phone visibly on the machineshop platform as it was carried around the building.  She concluded with a summary of the capbilities of MachineShop’s API-centric middleware which can collect data, apply business rules, and integrate with 3rd party applications for a variety of use cases.

Here are Laurie’s slides from the presentation:


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