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IoT Security is Not One-Dimensional – Mobile Enterprise Security Series Part 1 – January 2015

IoT, M2M, Mobile Enterprise Magazine, securityWhen you’re thinking about security and the Internet of Things, try this thought experiment suggested by Sonotype CEO Josh Corbin:

“For the next 24 hours, every time you see the word ‘software’ substitute ‘vulnerable or hackable’ and every time you see ‘connected’ substitute ‘exposed.’ So if you take a toaster which is perfectly safe and put software onto it, you have a vulnerable toaster. And if you give that toaster an IP address, you have a vulnerable, exposed toaster.”

January’s issue of Mobile Entrprise Magazine brings the first installment in my three-part series on security the Internet of Things, focused on tools and techniques to secure connected applications.  It’s jointly authored with my 151 Advisors’ Partner Steve Brumer.

Click here to read it on the Mobile Enterprise Magazine website.

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