Wireless Tech Growing in Greenhouse – Connected World Column, Aug/Sept 2014

bluetooth, connected devices, embedded, Internet of Things, M2M, zigbee, greenhouseGreenhouse. Glasshouse. Conservatory. Hothouse. Whatever you call it, the words “indoor garden” invoke images of tables bursting with colorful orchids or captive tomato plants branching toward the sky. Beauty, food, calm—these are the promises of a greenhouse in full swing.

Hobby greenhouses are generally a labor of love, versus the large scale commercial indoor farms that produce much of the lettuce and tomatoes consumed in the United States. Commercial greenhouses have long used sensors to monitor environmental conditions and drive controllers that automatically adjust conditions when needed.  Until recently, home growers lacked similar automated tools.

Wander through the new crop of connected devices that make managing hobby greenhouses a breeze.

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