Thank You! LinkedIn Endorsements = Humbling View of Deep Skill Set

When LinkedIn endorsements showed up a while back, I was happy to jump onto the bandwagon.  Suggest skill recommendations for my contacts based on things we have in common, or what’s in our job descriptions?  Awesome.  It was so less burdensome than having to actually write two or three short sentences about how great a beloved colleague is or was at their job… (now go write a recommendation!).

At first, endorsements were a snap.  One click to endorse all four… why not?  <click>  How about another four?  OK  <click>  Four more?  At some point, enough was enough and I’d close the endorsements window and move on.  Endorsements started to feel cheap.  Then LinkedIn made them a little harder to do.  Now we have to click on each endorsement individually, which in my case slows me down enough to actually think about that person and that skill.  It’s also far more likely to prompt me to send a message, since I’m thinking about them and the [Message] button is right there.  Endorsements started to feel good again.

So today I was on LinkedIn and cruised all the way to the bottom of my profile, just to remind myself of what was there.  When I got to the “Skills & Endorsements” section, I was awed.  All of those endorsements that others posted for me, whether “cheap” or not, add up to a richer and more powerful set of prioritized skills that I would ever dared put onto paper for myself.  I am humbled at the high regard my community of connections has for the skills I consider to be my favorites (hence my strongest).

Check it out below.


I will never think endorsements are cheap again.

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