Imagining the Internet of Things in the Enterprise – Connected World Column June/July 2014

calm computing, connected car, connected devices, Connected World Magazine, context aware, embedded, Internet of Things, M2M, mobile, Mobile Web, smart grid, ubiquitous computing, vehicle telematicsWhen a friend recently asked for my perspective on the Internet of Things in the enterprise, I realized that my schtick needed updating.  For more than a decade, I would have droned on and on about  M2M, the Industrial Internet, dancing scarecrows, and the smart grid in response to this question.

But some fresh thinking has made it clear that the innovations that expanded M2M into consumer electronics are starting to blow back into the  enterprise.  Wearables, connected cars and ubiquitous computing (“ubicomp”) — along with the big data engines that turn the data these systems collect into actionable information  — are beginning to empower employees as well as consumers to take control of their work, health and lives

Wearables including smart watches, heads-up displays, fitness bands and GPS trackers are increasingly feeding enterprise operational and human resources databases.  Is this a blessing or a curse?

Read more in my June/July Connected World Magazine column, Imagining the Internet of Things in the Enterprise.

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