Choosing the “Right” Network for the Internet of Things – Connected World Magazine, April/May 2014

Cloud, connected devices, Connected World Magazine, embedded, Internet of Things, M2M, mobile, Mobile WebSo you’re designing a connected device solution, are you?  What type of network connectivity will you use?  Cellular?  Bluetooth?  Legacy or “smart”?  Wi-Fi?  Ant?  Where will you put the intelligence in your solution?  In the device?  In the Cloud?  In an enterprise back end system?  In a gateway in-between the device and its backend?

Choosing between technology options regarding how to network, communicate with and manage connected devices is a tricky business.  These decisions not only impact how the device itself performs, but also have a profound influence on the end user’s experience.  Matching technology options to customer expectations is a critical step toward creating a compelling device end user experience that compliments its overall solution.

My April/May Connected World Magazine article “How to Choose the ‘Right’ Network for the IoT” explores connected device networking and architecture options, with an eye to creating a compellingly irresistible user experience.  Give it a quick read here.

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