2014 Mobile and Ad:Tech Forecast – Lamberth Q1 2014 Newsletter

mobile, ad:tech, Internet of Things, mobile advertising, digital media, CES, CTIA, MobileCon, GigaOm, Connected World Magazine, AlwaysOn, m2mHello and Happy 2014!

That’s how the first-ever Lamberth & Associates newsletter begins… the first issue is available here.

The newsletter summarizes what I believe are four big trends in mobile and ad:tech for 2014 which are:

  • The Internet of Things is Finally Here
  • Fragmented Value Chain? That’s an Understatement!
  • All Networks Eventually Become Advertising Channels – or- How I Started Out in Mobile and Wound Up in Mad Men
  • Multi-Screen is Where it’s At, and Mobile is a Huge Part of the Mix

I also share details on what I’m working on and where I’ll be in 2014 including a list of trade shows and conferences I’m planning to attend.  Check it out — I’d love to connect with you in person at one of these events.

I hope you enjoy reading my 2014 Mobile and Ad:Tech Forecast.  Comments welcome!

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