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Talkin’ Trash: What Your Trash Says – Connected World, October/November 2013

smart trash, connected devices, Connected World Magazine, RFID“Smart trash.”  Can you trust it?  In my October/November column for Connected World Magazine, I explore the privacy implications of the growing connectedness of our … waste stream.  From trash collection bins with embedded RFID chips that weigh recyclables for utility credits or tattle on homeowners who don’t set them out, to RFID-tagged trash items to help with sorting and recycling, automation within the “removal chain” raises new threats to personal privacy.

Think about it:  have you ever disposed of an item in the outside or lunchroom trash bin so that your family or coworkers wouldn’t see it?  “Trash pulls” have long been used by cops, spies and jilted lovers to uncover personal details.  What if your personal waste stream could be mined for these or other purposes, including marketing?

If this overview hasn’t creeped you out, you might enjoy reading the full article at Connected World Magazine:  click here.

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