October 2013


Laurie Lamberth Named a 2013 Mobile Power Player by AlwaysOn

Mobile industry veteran Laurie Lamberth was named a “Power Player in Mobile” by AlwaysOn, a technology media company that connects the entrepreneurial community in Silicon Valley. Laurie accepted the honor at AlwaysOn’s OnMobile conference in Redwood City, CA on October 10, 2013. AlwaysOn Power Players are nominated by their peers, then selected by AlwaysOn as the most influential people in the professional services sectors that support technology entrepreneurs. As AlwaysOn Founder and Editor Tony Perkins summarized it at the OnMobile conference: “These players are the Rolodex that startup CEO’s want to have.”

The full post includes a link to the full list of AlwaysOn 2013 Power Players.


OnMobile 2013 from AlwaysOn – Redwood City, CA, October 10, 2013

AlwaysOn’s OnMobile conference in Redwood City, CA gathers the top CEO’s and mobile Power Players that make the Global Silicon Valley an incubator for success. OnMobile features a unique interactive format that brings top private company CEO’s, venture capitalists, big company players, research analysts, consultants and media together to discuss the top trends and entrepreneurial opportunities in mobile. OnMobile also honors the “Power Players in Mobile,” selected by AlwaysOn as the most influential consultants, accountants, and other professionals who support Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurs… including Laurie Lamberth in “The Wireless Consultants” category.


Talkin’ Trash: What Your Trash Says – Connected World, October/November 2013

What is your trash saying about you? “Smart trash” — RFID-tagged items going into RFID-enabled trash bins — poses new threats to personal privacy. Explore the implications of connected trash with Laurie Lamberth in her October/November 2013 column for Connected World Magazine. Trash pulls have long been used by spies, cops and jilted lovers to uncover personal details. What if your trash stream could be mined for information, or for marketing purposes?