“Visualizing the Networked World” – Interview with Cisco’s Internet of Things Guru Mahbubul Alam

cisco, internet of things, m2m, data visualization, deterministic networks, wi-fi, roboticsI had the pleasure to sit down with Cisco’s Mahbubul Alam recently to talk about his view of the Internet of Things.  Alam is in charge of Cisco’s M2M and Internet of Things businesses, and has an expansive view of how connected devices will revolutionize both our core industries and our individual daily lives.  Alam envisions a future where the machines to heavy and dangerous work, with human overseers often located far from where the work is performed.

He also envisions smart, “deterministic” networks with high throughput and reliability, needed to support the mass data flows that a truly connected world will generate.  These ideas are being built into current and future generations of Cisco networking gear.

The full text of our interview is available on the Connected World Magazine website, to read it, click here:  Visualizing the Networked World, Interview with Cisco’s Mahbubul Alam

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