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The Spy in Your Pocket: March/April Connected World Unplugged Column

McAfee-Vice-GuatemalaDon’t be John McAfee.  These are the cautionary words that open my March/April 2012 Connected World column, titled “The Spy in Your Pocket.”  The article explores what data our mobile phones collect about us and transmit to third parties of all sorts:  application publishers, mobile network operators, and digital advertising agencies.  If you or your loved ones have ever uploaded a picture from your mobile phone to Flickr, Facebook or Instagram, you just might be John McAfee…

The article continues with a discussion of what some of those third parties do with your mobile phone data once they have it.  From tracking your location over time, to matching location, in-app behavior and other activities, data harvested from mobile phones is used to tailor advertising messages, uncover hidden needs and other improve the quality of mobile applications, networks and services.

Enjoy the full article on the Connected World website.  (And check the privacy settings on your mobile phone, STAT!)

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