The Power of Mobile in the Marketing Mix: MMA 2013 San Francisco Forum

audience metrics,check-in, indoor LBS, LBS shopping, LBS, mobile advertising, mobile coupons, mobile walletMobile has emerged as one of the most compelling marketing channels during the past decade.  All of us are increasingly connected, with our mobile phones at hand 24/7.  Already, studies show that more than 50% of adults in all age groups use their mobile phone as a shopping tool.  As the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) puts it:  “… it’s abundantly apparent that mobile’s ‘power of the personal’ must be at the heart of the connected experience, supporting and strengthening all channels in a successful marketing mix.”

Join me and hundreds of traditional and digital marketing executives at this year’s MMA 2013 North American Forum in San Francisco, January 29-30, to hear from leading marketing pioneers who are blazing the trails with mobile at the center of their broader marketing strategies. Discover how mobile can:

  • accelerate the path to purchase
  • build customer loyalty
  • allow advertisers to use detailed analytics never before available to optimize your campaigns across channels
  • transform what your customers think about your brand, and your business.

This two-day session should give you a roadmap you can use to transform what your customers think about your brand, products and business – and you you can keep them coming back.

Learn about and register for the MMA North American Forum here.  I hope you decide to join us!

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