All I Want is Everything Connected: Nov/Dec Connected World Column

Once again, it’s time to consider holiday gifts — not only what to give, but what you’d like to receive.  And here’s the rub:  after more than a decade during which device designers have connected almost everything to the Internet, there are still a few connected devices I’d  like to see that have not been invented.  For instance:   I’d like my beer kegerator to tell me when it’s too warm, or too cold, for the type of beer it’s storing.  Smoke alarms that tell me when their batteries are running low without pinging in the middle of the night.  And light bulbs that tell me when they’re wearing out without plunging me into darkness with no warning.

Santa — or any connected device designers out there — can you peruse my wish list and get the elves started on some of the connected devices and objects that I’d like for a change?  Thanks bunches.

Happy Holidays, everyone!  Here’s to a productive, happy New Year.  Cheers to you!

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