Time to Pick Your Holiday Shopping Apps!

With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to get your shopping ducks in a row.  Mobile shopping applications offer more deals and features than ever:  you can add items to a shopping list by scanning their bar code, be alerted to nearby deals,  and receive recommendations for items that might interest you based on your preferences or items already in the shopping cart.

Some of the apps pay cash rewards, too, accumulating purchases at a single retailer or across retailers that can be cashed in for gift cards and merchandise.  Some apps even offer integrated payment, with items placed into your cart automatically charged to an on-file credit card when you’re done shopping.

Mobile shopping apps are the leading edge of a trend called “omnichannel marketing,” an environment in which consumers rely on a large set of digital resources throughout the entire buying cycle instead of depending on marketing messages from a particular brand.  The goal of omnichannel retailers is to gain the customer’s attention as early as possible, and contain that attention within a branded, multi-channel experience all the way through to the point of sale — and possibly beyond.

Read  more about it in my September/October column in Connected World Magazine column:  “Pick Your Holiday Shopping Apps”

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