Me at Connected World Blog – “Let’s Make a Deal: CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2011”

If this fall’s CTIA Entertainment & Applications show (San Diego October 11-13) had a theme, it would be “Let’s Make a Deal.”  With U.S. mobile penetration swelling above 100%, the U.S. wireless industry is weathering the economic downturn with grace and in some cases, newfound humility. The companies still standing have made the adjustments to staffing levels, product lines, and business models needed to survive, and are anxious to return to growth. Entrepreneurial start-ups want to ride the wave.

The U.S. wireless industry is open to new ideas, alliances, business models, and markets.  Mergers, strategic partnerships, global expansion and the blending  of wireless/non-wireless business models are among the ways the U.S. mobile sector is creating new growth opportunities.

The M2M community is on the leading edge of this tide.  Mergers announced or celebrated at the show include  u-Blox’s acquisition of Fusion Wireless and Broadsoft’s buyout of Movial Applications.  Aeris Communications and Raco Wireless, competing M2M service providers, announced a strategic partnership that leverages Raco’s long-term deal with T-Mobile to stabilize Aeris’s GSM service supply. KORE Telematics and SensorLogic are both aggressively expanding outside the U.S.

Read the full story, including my observations on the show itself (well done, CTIA!)  in my guest blog post at Connected World

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