mSolve Partners, White Spaces and the Internet of Things

mSolve Partners was a mobile-focused merchant banking firm that I worked with for a couple of years as an Executive Advisor.  mSolve shut down in 2013, succeeded by MobileSolve, an investment banker that offers corporate and business development advice to companies mostly in the mobile sector — particularly sell-side support for mergers and acquisitions.

In May 2011, I encouraged the mSolve community to “Think Big About the Internet of Things” in mSolve’s monthly newsletter, and in September 2011 I followed up with a piece about “White Spaces and the Internet of Things.”  The Twitter condensed version of those pieces would read:

Internet of Things changes it all. Hockey stick growth oppty for Cloud,wireless. Challenges=size,battery life,coverage,privacy,biz model.

May 2011 mSolve Newsletter:  Thinking Big about the Internet of Things

September 2011 mSolve newsletter:  White Space and the Internet of Things

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