Driving Vacation this Summer? Consider the 2011 Edge – Guest appearance on Connected World blog

If you’re planning to defy rising gas prices and enjoy a driving vacation this summer, then head on over to Connected World Magazine for my blog post about the go-to car for family vacations this summer:  the 2011 Ford Edge.  I had the chance to drive the Edge for two weeks last winter, and found it to be packed full of driver- and family-friendly features, such as the ability to connect multiple music players via Bluetooth to the car’s entertainment system and select routes based on fuel efficiency.

MyFordTouch, Ford’s connected car solution, takes only a short learning curve before you’re able to adjust climate controls, place or receive phone calls or change your destination en route, using intuitive voice-recognition commands and rocker buttons conveniently placed on the steering wheel.

The car itself was a comfy ride, and handled well in some rather challenging road conditions.  Read the full article “Drive Trial:  Two Weeks on the Edge” in the May/June issue of Connected World Magazine.

Also, be sure to check out our road trip route:

Day 1:  Long Beach to Ojai, mostly on scenic back roads
Day 2:  Ojai to Lompoc, including crossing the remotely beautiful Carrizo Plain
Day 3:  Lompoc back to Long Beach, with a stop in Danish fairy-tale village Solvang and visits to Missions Santa Ynez and San Buenaventura

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