Chattering Objects: The Economist Covers Lamberth’s Internet of Things Research Report

“WHATEVER happened to that “internet of things” promised a decade or so ago?”

Good question, posed by The Economist in their August 13 Babbage blog post covering Laurie Lamberth’s Internet of Things research paper.  The Economist bemoans how long it’s taking for the Internet of Things to evolve:

… The ability to locate anything, anywhere, at anytime, would cause crime to decrease, stores to remain stocked, healthcare to be improved, road accidents to be reduced, energy to be saved and waste to be eliminated. The internet of things (IoT) was going to be transformative.  It has not happened. Well, not in any significant way. …

We share their view — mostly.  The Internet of Things has made great inroads in commercial and industrial sectors, but it hasn’t made its way into our everyday lives nearly as fast as the original framers of the concept expected.  But it’s on its way.  The Economists’ blog continues with a review of many of the issues and and technologies that are both propelling the Internet of Things forward and checking its pace.  It’s a short, peppy read — give it a look!

If you’re not familiar with The Economist, they are a weekly newspaper published from London that focuses on international politics and business news and opinion.  They mix  timely information with informed opinion, and we’re honored to be featured.

If you’re not familiar with the Internet of Things, well then, stick around here and you’ll learn all about it.  It’s one of our favorite topics.

Read The Economist’s blog post here:

Read the summary of my Internet of Things research report for GigaOm Pro here: (or subscribe to read the whole thing:  free 7-day trial, $199/year)


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