The Internet of Things: What is Is, Why it Matters – New Research Report from Laurie Lamberth on GigaOm Pro

GigaOM, one of the leading voices in technology research, today published Laurie Lamberth’s research report “The Internet of Things:  Anywhere, Anytime, Anything.”  The report, which summarizes Laurie’s experience and research into connected devices over the past decade, provides a glimpse into the origins of the Internet of Things and lays out how it works.  Laurie also highlights opportunities to improve our personal, community and global existence through the applications and services that the Internet of Things enables.  She also reviews the obstacles to the full implementation of the Internet of Things, particularly maintaining personal privacy, creating sustainable business models and solving the digital divide.

Unfortunately, GigaOm’s discontinuance of operations on March, 2015 caused the link to this report’s summary to go offline.

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